Government of India

List of Holidays

The following list of Closed Holidays which will be observed by this custom House durinf the calendar year 2021
Sr. No. Holiday  Date Day of Week
01 Republic Day 26.01.2021 Tuesday
02 Holi 29.03.2021 Monday
03 Good Friday 02.04.2021 Friday
04 Gudi Padwa 13.04.2021 Tuesday
05 Mahavir Jayanti 25.04.2021 Sunday
06 Idu'I'Fitr 14.05.2021* Friday
07 Buddha Purnima 26.05.2021 Wednesday
08 Id-ul-Zuha(Bakrid) 21.07.2021* Wednesday
09 Independence Day 15.08.2021 Sunday
10 Muharram 19.08.2021* Thursday
11 Ganesh Chaturthi 10.09.2021 Friday
12 Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday 02.10.2021 Saturday
13 Dussehra ( Vijayadashami ) 15.10.2021 Friday
14 Id-e-Milad(Prophet Mohammad's Birthday) 19.10.2021* Tuesday
15 Diwali(Deepavali) 04.11.2021 Thursday
16 Guru Nanak's Birthday 19.11.2021 Friday
17 Christmas Day 25.12.2021 Saturday
* Based on Holiday declared by Central Government and would be subject to change as per decision of Government of Maharashtra state


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