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    Citizen's Charter
    This Charter is a declaration of our mission, values and Standards, and our commitment to achieve excellence in the formulation and implementation of Customs and Central Excise policies and procedures for the benefit of the trade and industry, which are our partners in progress.
    We shall carry out our tasks with
    ·         Integrity and judiciousness
    ·         Courtesy and understanding
    ·         Objectivity and transparency
    ·         Promptness and efficiency
    We shall encourage and assist voluntary tax compliance by our clients.
    We expect you to be prompt and reasonable in fulfilling your duty and legal obligations and are true and honest in furnishing information to us.
    We Shall
    a.     Acknowledge declaration, intimations, applications, returns and all communications on the spot and in any case within 7 days of their receipt.
    b.     Respond to all communication within 15 working days of its receipt.
    c.     Settle any disputes relating to declarations or assessments within 10 working days of receipt of your written or oral explanation.
    d.     Refund amounts due to you within 30 working days of receiving a valid claim.
    e.     Pay any duty drawback due to you within 48 hours of the export of the goods in case of electronic declarations and 15 days in case of paper declarations.
    f.      Release, where your declaration relating to any consignment is complete and correct.
    g.     In case of exports, within 8 hours of filing an electronic declaration or within 24 hours of filing a paper declaration.
    h.     In case of imports, within 24 hours of filing an electronic declaration or within 72 hours of filing a paper declaration.
    i.      Complete excise registration formalities within 48 hours of receiving your application.
    j.      Return to you the input duty documents on which MODVAT credit has been availed of within 7 days of your submission.
    k.     Complete examination and clearance of your export consignment at your factory premises, whenever you seek such a facility, within 8 hours of receiving intimation.
    l.      Give you 15 days advance intimation before we undertake audit of your records.
    In case of likely or inevitable delay in decision-making or when an issue is disputed, we shall promptly communicate the reasons on our own initiative.


    "In respect of any communication addressed to the Department, only a hard copy of such correspondence/document/letter/note etc delivered to the Department will be valid for legal purpose and Departmental records, and only such hard copy will be taken on file by affixing acknowledgement of the Department on the same. Any other form of communication by e-mail/fax etc will not be legally binding or taken cognizance of, by the Department."

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